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TripAdvisor - Get Smart and Use it Wisely

It is an incredibly common misconception that TripAdvisor is there for you to gain accurate feedback from your customers. WRONG. Here's why...

As far as the smart restaurant operator is concerned, TripAdvisor is there for marketing, and marketing ONLY. The notion that comments/scores left on trip advisor are an accurate reflection of the service you are currently offering, is an incredibly dangerous mindset for a restaurant operator to be in. Don't do it.

Generally speaking, it is only 30% (estimated) of your customers that are leaving comments for you to see, and they are at either end of the satisfaction scale - the HAPPY ones (promotors), and the UNHAPPY ones (detractors). Any in between (Passives) are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, not motivated to leave you comments, leaving an opportunity for you to tap into.

With our methods, learn how to use TripAdvisor to market your restaurant (for free), whilst simultaneously gathering more insight into your actual customer satisfaction (including feedback from passives), so you can improve and build your business.

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